MIG Welding

now generally considered the most common ....

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TIG Welding

high quality cosmetic weld appearance....

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MMA Welding

remains very common in our industry....

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Soldering & Brazing

one of our strengths, we can offer the customer....

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Welding, Cutting & Gas Equipment - new equipment....

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With a large range of accessories we are....

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We specialise in Air Liquide products. They supply a ....

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Other Services

Our team has a great range of design services .....

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  • MIG, TIG, MMA and air plasma welding and cutting equipment from hobby/diy to heavy industrial high
  • New Equipment demonstration and commission
  • Machine service, repair and calibration
  • Solid MIG and TIG filler wires
  • MMA flux coated stick electrode
  • Stainless, aluminium, nickel based and exotic alloys
  • Flux cored
  • MIG and TIG brazing products
  • MMA Accessories
  • Soldering and brazing
  • Silver brazing alloys
  • Gas hand equipment and accessories
  • Gas Equipment inspection reports
  • Gas equipment installation
  • Welding safety and respiratory
  • Welding related abrasives and tools
  • MIG, TIG and air plasma torches and spares
  • Expert general welding advice and problem solving
  • Help with metallurgy and common material diagnosis
  • 30 years combined engineering and welding experience
  • Professional no obligation help with all your welding requirements