Specialist Welding Supplies

Founded in 1990, it has been our policy to be committed to providing a quality welding distributors service. With over 30 years of welding and engineering experience and using both technical and practical sales skills the company now has the support of various welding consumable and equipment manufacturers. With the customer in mind we remain committed to providing our business partners with the high level of advice, quality products and after sales care they have come to expect from Kingsley Welding Alloys.

Products Overview

MIG Welding

MIG - Metallic Inert Gas - now generally considered the most common welding process MIG is used extensively across all industry sectors and we can help with all consumables (filler wires), equipment, torches + spares and shielding gases. MIG welding is quick, relatively clean and easier to accomplish than the other common processes.
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TIG Welding

TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas - high quality cosmetic weld appearance coupled with strength make TIG the ideal choice for any engineering and maintenance workshop and an absolute must when working with thinner materials. A very clean process TIG consumables (filler wires), equipment, torches + spares and shielding gases are all available.
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MMA Welding

MMA - Manual Metal Arc (or "stick welding") - remains very common in our industry. We stock a wide range of premium quality branded flux coated electrodes for all applications from general purpose mild steel, through low hydrogen and including stainless and dissimilar stainless & nickel based grades.
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